Providing solutions for pharmaceuticals from products to services

Change Parts/Tooling

Pharmaceutical machinery is mostly imported and Initially designed for a particular product. Allowing usage of that machinery for another related product or to adjust it when the default product is updated requires carefully executing a procedure known as “tooling”. Ali Engineering Works is capable of providing complete upgradation / changeover of machinery for Blisters, capsulation or Vial filling machine.

Ali Engineering Works also helps pharma-industry in replacing or repairing damaged parts of their machinery. The solutions and parts produced by Ali Engineering are made through ‘reverse engineering’. They are not just cost effective, compared to time-taking and expensive process of importing, but also follow the highest standards of engineering.

All types of Ampoule/vial filling pump of Stainless steel (in replacement of glass / ceramic pumps) is our specialty.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

The production areas of medicines requires to be of stainless steel as it provides with a cleaner atmosphere and ease in sterilization compared to wood or any other material. Ali Engineering works provides end-to-end stainless steel solutions for pharmaceutical industries so they can maintain highest standards.

From sterile area furniture to Dispensing booths, Pass-through boxes, Conveyers, turn table, crossover benches etc. AEW provides extremely finished products with Argon welding joints and polishing.

Product Manufacturing

Manufacturing of medicines is a sensitive procedure and requires extreme care. Ali Engineering Works takes pride in producing highest standard manufacturing/pressure vessels, mixers, blenders and containers. Our products are of high-end finishing 316L (food grade material) stainless steel to ensure no corrosion or changes in chemical composition of the desired medicine.


Ali Engineering Works also provides on-site services for pharma industries. Our experienced and high skilled team is capable of handling complete piping work (water supply or drainage), installation of tanks and their platforms and all other area-development services through Argon welding.